Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shepherd's Pie

I know, I know.  Not everyone is a casserole fan.  So if you don't like all your food touching please skip this entry and tune in later.  This week I will also be posting a fabulous penne pasta with chicken, artichokes and spinach.  Yum!  Then this weekend, I'm going to be baking Grandma Betty's Bran Muffins and they freeze beautifully! 


3lbs red skinned potatoes          2.10
1 clove garlic--minced                   .05
1/4 cup skim milk                          
2lbs lean ground beef                  6.36
1 tbsp steak seasoning
one medium onion--chopped       .40
3Tbsp margarine
3Tbsp flour
5 C beef broth                               1.00
1 bag mixed frozen vegetables     .98


Rinse and chop the potatoes into 1 1/2 inch cubes.  Add the garlic and cover with water in a large pot.  Boil until fork tender.  I like to leave the skins on, but you can substitute white potatoes and peel them.

In another large sauce pan brown the ground beef with the steak seasoning.  Remove and drain.  Add margarine and onion into pan and saute 3 minutes until soft.  Add the four and stir well to form a roux.  Gradually add in beef broth and cook until slightly thick.  Add in the vegetables and beef and heat through.  Pour into three 8x8 pans. 

At this point I like to put the pans in a flat spot in the freezer to let the beef mixture set up.  It makes it easier to top the beef mixture with the potatoes so the potatoes don't sink in.  Meanwhile drain the potatoes and mash them in a big bowl with the milk and some salt and pepper to taste.   I like to use a hand mixer. 

Once the beef mixture has been in the freezer for about an hour and the mashed potatoes have cooled.  Put the potatoes on top of the beef mixture in large spoonfuls. 

Top with foil and freeze.  When ready to cook, let thaw in fridge (2 days would be best) then bake covered at 350 degrees for one hour.   This makes great leftovers for lunches.  Yummy!  I was able to make 3 dinners for $3.63 each.

Enjoy!  Christie aka Keeza

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  1. This looks great! I never thought of freezing sheperds pie.
    What size pans did you use?