Saturday, December 24, 2011

Recipes in Progress

Hello Blog Friends!

Thankyou for your patience as I develop some new recipes.  I do have 52 recipes on my Recipe Index Page for you to check out, but I am still working on new ones.  With every new recipe I try it as written.  Then I make modifications to adjust to our taste.  Then once it tastes great I make it and freeze it.   Then thaw it and cook each meal to make sure that it holds it's flavor and textures.  Some times I think I have a fabulous idea and it ends up in the trash because it did not turn out well.  I don't want to put anything on my blog until I am sure it will work fresh and frozen. 

I am very close to finishing a cranberry glaze that is sweet, sour and spicy.  My husband likes lots of crushed red pepper, but you can leave it out completely if you have sensative palates and still enjoy a lot of flavor!  It's great on chicken and pork steaks.  I can't wait to try it on a ham steak!

Next I have tinkered with a pesto stuffed chicken breast.  My husband complained that it was too bland so I have been working hard to add a little zest!  I have added Italian seasoning to spice up the chicken and topped them with buttery parmesean cheese.  The oil comes out of the pesto while the chicken is baking leaving all the sweet basil behind to flavor the breast.  I have added chopped onion on the bottom of the pan to raise the breasts up out of the oil to cut down on the fat in this recipe. 

Your last sneak peak is a curry honey mustard sauce that is fabulous on chicken!  The longer this sauce sits on the chicken the better it tastes.  I am busy brainstorming to see if there is anything else I should pair with this sauce.  Ham perhaps?  Potatoes?  Rice?  How best to capture up any extra sauce that collects in the bottom of the pan while baking?  Maybe a curry honey mustard ham and rice bake.  Ooooh, maybe with onion and broccoli.  That sounds like a winner.  I better put that on my shopping list for after Christmas. 

I appreciate all your comments and suggestions.  If you have any great ideas you'd like me to try please leave me a note on this post and I will be happy to start my research and testing.  I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

Take care!
Christie aka Keeza