Friday, October 1, 2010

Beef Fajitas

I have tried several fajita recipes and this is by far my favorite.  The beef is shredded (a little closer to a carnita) and it comes out so tender and flavorful.  I use the crock pot to do all the work for me, and then put the leftovers in a freezer container so I have a second meal ready to go later in the month.


1 1/2-2 lbs steak (round, flank, sirloin)         8.09
14-20 oz diced tomatoes
            with green chilies--drained                  1.36
2 oz canned diced jalapeno pepper                   .44
1 envelope fajita seasoning                                .78
1 onion--sliced                                                     .30
1 green pepper--sliced                                       .50
10    12 inch flour tortillas                                2.24
salsa                                                                    3.48
sour cream                                                         1.97
shredded cheddar cheese                                1.96
cilantro                                                                 .74

Directions:  In a crock pot layer the beef, the seasoning, the drained tomatoes, the jalapenos and sliced onions.  Put it on low for about 7 hours, then go run errands, go to work or take the kids to school.  This first step takes less than 1o min!

About 1 hour before meal time shred the beef with a couple of forks, or transfer the meat to a cutting board and slice it with the grain and return it back to the crock pot.  If it seems too wet you can ladle out some extra liquid.  Slice the green peppers and stir them into the crock pot beef mixture.  Close the lid and cook on low for one more hour. 

When you're ready to eat assemble into flour tortillas and top as desired with cheese, sour cream, cilantro and salsa.  I made rice to go along with our meal and my husband likes to put that in his fajita too. 

This meal is very flavorful!  You can leave out the jalapenos for delicate palates and small children.  But the beef comes out soft and tender.  I made two meals for $10.93.  I froze the rest of the meat mixture, the remaining tortilla shells and the shredded cheese. 

I hope you like this meal as much as we do! 

Christie aka Keeza